Scoutcoin is developing a philanthropic based cryptocurrency to benefit the scout community worldwide.

Scoutcoin started as an idea created by 16 year old Michael Willis, a scout of 11 years. With the help of his sister, also a scout, and an advisory board, he hopes to help scouts as much as possible. The goal is to allow any scout to become involved in crypto currencies and also give back to the community.

Scoutcoin is working with the crypto community to have feedback on the concept to finalized plans.

Scoutcoin will launch in the second quarter of 2018.

Our mission

In the tradition of scout organizations worldwide, Scoutcoin will help the community in an open, honest and inclusive way.

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Get Involved

Once the full specs to Scoutcoin are finalized we’ll provide simple and easy steps for anyone to get involved.


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Latest Events

Feb 2018

  • Scoutcoin has begun filling the advisory board with a diverse group of people.
  • The whitepaper is being worked on
  • Comments from the crypto community have been taken


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Scoutcoin Fund

The Scoutcoin Fund is set up to help further the community projects of any scout.   Initially every 6 months funding rewards will be given.

The Scoutcoin Fund will focus on a transparent, open and honest system to help the worldwide scouting community. All Fund usage will be fully documented on the website and to the community as a whole. The current Fund account will be displayed on the website.